Temporary Swedish Teacher for Beginners needed

We have heard that a temporary teacher is needed to cover the last four weeks of the Beginners Swedish course at Edinburgh University.  Can you help?  Textbooks, detailed lesson plans and slides to explain almost everything are provided.


Dates:  Wednesday evenings 6.30- 8.20 PM from 29 May-19 June 2019

Level:   Swedish Beginners 3 * term 3

Number of Students: 16-18

Location: Charteris Land, Holyrood Campus (off Holyrood Rd)

Contact Person: Jeannette Rissmann  (Language Coordinator) Jeannette.Rissmann@ed.ac.uk

Or call: Centre for Open Learning (COL) Reception at Edinburgh University

( ph.) + 44 (0)131 650 4400

Or  Email: col@ed.ac.uk

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