Brexit – General

Fact sheets on Brexit for EU citizens

The Scottish Government has published a new series of fact sheets.  They outline the rights of EU citizens in Scotland to vote, work and access healthcare, education, housing and benefits in the transition phase of Brexit and thereafter.

They were commissioned from JustRight Scotland as part of the Government’s Stay in Scotland campaign..

Follow this link to access them:


Open Letter from the First Minister

The First Minister has published an open letter to EU citizens living in Scotland. The full text is available here:

The letter contains useful links to further sources of guidance.

Civil Society Brexit Project.

This new guide, written by JustRight Scotland for the Civil Society Brexit Project is packed with useful information on your rights now, during the transition period and after Brexit.

EU/EEA citizens

The UK Government is now open for applications for Settled Status from EU Citizens.  At present the system is only available to those who have access to an Android smart phone.  It is supposed to become fully operational and available to others at the end of March.

Mrs May announced on 21 January that the fee of £65, previously announced, would not after all be levied when the scheme is fully operational, and will be refunded to those who apply earlier.

For details:

Various seminars of relevance to our members have been arranged or are planned.  Please see the Events Page for the latest position and details of how to reserve a place.

Here is a link to the UK Government website that is entitled: “Status of EU citizens in the UK: what you need to know”  It contains useful information about eligibility for “settled status” and the future procedure for making application for it.  UK Government guidance

On 11 December the UK Prime Minister published on Facebook an open letter to EU citizens resident in the UK,  Here is a link to it:  Mrs May’s Open Letter

On 12 October, Members of the Society met with the Swedish Ambassador, Torbjorn Sohlstrom and Anna Brodin, Counsellor at the Embassy.  It was an instructive and enjoyable meeting.

The Committee is aware that a number of Members who would have wished to attend were unable to do so. We have therefore prepared our own notes of what was discussed.  The following link will take you to those notes:

Meeting with Ambassador

Government and EU Reports on Brexit

Here is a link to the section of the Swedish Embassy’s website dealing with issues to do with Brexit.  It is frequently updated:

Swedish Embassy guidance

Here is a link to the current EU information
Members may also wish to see the UK Government’s reports on the process.  They are here, though it will be noted many of them are rather out of date:


Members may be interested in the work of “the3million”.  It is a not for profit group and support network which campaigns to safeguard and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe after Brexit.