Fika & Snacka

Fika och Snacka – Glasgow’s Swedish Meetup Group

Swedish lessons – 1st Thursday of the month

Coffee and chat in Swedish or about Sweden – 3rd Thursday of every month

At For Fika Sake café, 7 Keith Street in Partick, Glasgow

Would you like to learn Swedish in Glasgow?

Have you learnt Swedish in the past and would like to continue?

Are you a Swede and miss the chance to speak Swedish?

Then come along to Fika och Snacka, the Meetup group for all those interested in Swedish and Sweden!

The main purpose of the group is for learners of Swedish to get together to practise speaking, and also to socialise! This is your opportunity to speak Swedish and meet other like-minded folk. It is perfect for those who have been learning Swedish by themselves and would like some extra practise, or for those who have previously taken classes but wish to continue practising and learning. Also for Swedes in Scotland who want to speak a bit of Swedish.

People from all different levels of Swedish are welcome, from beginners to native speakers!

We also celebrate Swedish festivals such as Lucia, Midsommar and sometimes even crayfish parties! The more the merrier!

We will also have occasional outings to see Swedish films at Glasgow Film Theatre. Join us at for regular emails of events and to RSVP

We are also on Facebook at where we post Swedish-themed stories and tips for learning Swedish