Welcome to / Välkommen till
the Scottish-Swedish Society!

Who are we? – A friendly mix of people in Scotland who are interested in Sweden, Swedish culture, traditions and the Swedish language.

What do we do? – We offer our members Swedish traditions, Swedish music, food, new and traditional literature, Swedish language classes, as well as many other events with a Swedish focus.

When? Throughout the year.  There are very active book / reading groups and kaffe / fika mornings on a regular basis, not forgetting to mark the big celebrations of Midsommar, Lucia and even ärtsoppa with fun and lively events

Why join? , Unrivalled opportunity to meet and network and chat in English or Swedish with other Swedes and people interested in Sweden and Scotland. We’re a natural focal point for Swedes in Scotland or anyone based here who is interested in Sweden and Svensk kultur.

How do I join? If this sounds interesting, please click on the Member Services button and follow the links.

Looking forward to meeting you and family at our next event.

For information about the Scottish Swedish Society contact us at info@scottishswedish.org

For information about Swedish classes for children ages 6-16 please see the Swedish School website:  http://www.ssfs.org.uk