Who will be Lucia, 2018?

The Society has hosted Lucia celebrations in Edinburgh for many years.  This year we are trialling a new way to decide who will be Lucia.  There are only two guidelines.  They must be aged 15 to 18, (ie born 2000 – 2003) and they or their family must be members of the Society.  Naturally, they must also be willing to sing the Lucia song and other Swedish Christmas songs (nothing solo, so no pressure there). The Lucia procession, followed by a service led by Kristina Andreasson, a minister from the Swedish Church in London, will be at 3pm on Sunday 2 December with a rehearsal beforehand at 2pm.

If you would like someone to be put forward please send an email to membership@scottishswedish.org before 15 November.  Please include the name and contact details of the young person who would like to be Lucia.  The Committee will then draw lots and announce who the lucky one will be.

If the person concerned is neither part of a family membership, nor an individual member, of the Society, they should join in order that their nomination can be considered.  This is simple to do through this website.  Go to the Member Services tab and follow the links.

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