You’ve had your say

First of all I’d like to thank everyone for responding to our Events Survey which was sent out during the summer. We are excited by the great participation and all the great suggestions.

The aim of the survey was to get a better understanding of what activities and events members want to see during the coming year. Participants wanted to see more family events and events with Swedish traditions but there was also an interest in evening events.

Despite over 70% of respondents wants to see events organised in Edinburgh there was an interest in seeing events organised in Glasgow and other places. If you are based in Glasgow or elsewhere in Scotland and would want to be part in organising events for the society outside of Edinburgh please get in touch.

There was also a wish to see events organised at places which are easy to get to with public transport. As well as a wish to make sure that we arrange private venues to assure it is easy to hear conversations. There were a lot of great suggestions for future events including business networking, Christmas market, film nights and opportunities to hear Swedish authors speak (let us know if you have any specific suggestions).

For the Peas soup dinner October 22nd we have arranged for Söderbergs to be dedicated to the dinner to assure there will not be any issues with noise levels. The speaker Britta Sugden was also a suggestion from the survey.

We are hoping to get more family/children’s activities arranged in the new year and are keen to get a group of individuals together to organise this. If you are interested in supporting us with family/childrens activities please get in touch.

We are also hoping to organise some business networking and Brexit information sessions. If you have your own business or know of any businesses who might be interested in networking with Swedish businesses please let us know.

Anyone who would like to be involved, help organise an event or in any other way be interested in helping please get in touch.


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