Annual Reports 2019-2020

As a result of the corona virus epidemic, the 2020 AGM was cancelled.

Instead, reports on the activities of the Society during 2019-20 are available here.

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Chair’s Report, 2019-20

The AGM scheduled for 23 April was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic, and our year at the SSS came to an abrupt halt. When we are able to resume our activities remains to be seen, but we are all looking forward to that time. The Committee decided not to postpone the AGM until a later, uncertain date. Instead we have compiled the various reports and are distributing them to members by email and through the website.

This year the Committee has been strengthened by two new members and we now have a group of three event managers. They have worked closely with other members of the Society on an ad hoc basis in arranging our functions. This has proved very successful and is described in more detail in the Events Report.

Looking more widely, a new development this year has been the Swedish Conversation Group which meets, or rather did meet, regularly in Edinburgh. It got established quickly with a good number of participants. There is clearly a widespread interest in learning Swedish.

Another major event during the year was Sveriges Dagen on 8 June. This was organised by the Swedish Embassy and took place at Akva in Edinburgh. Over 200 took part in a lively and stimulating occasion addressed by the Swedish Ambassador and the Lord Provost. It was good to see how vibrant the Swedish Community is.

At the time this is written, however, life is difficult for many of our members, as it is for the rest of Scotland’s people. We worry about our health and our livelihoods, and for many it is a time of isolation from friends and family. So, until we meet again, do take care of yourself and each other. Thank you for being a member of the SSS. If there is anything we can do as a Society to lighten the load, please let us know. If there is anything you can do to contribute to the Society, tell us about that too!

Gunilla Hampson