Story telling – The new way to grow your business. – Happy Message Breakfast Meeting

  • 19th September 2018
    8:30 am - 10:00 am
Storytelling – The new way to grow your business.
Stuck in communication?
Don’t know how to create a powerful call to action?
Frustrated about lack of results on social media?
Wonder what you should focus your communication on?
Are you hungry for inspiration and new input?
Come to Happy Message Breakfast Networking Seminar at AKVA Swedish Bar
Together with Institue of Directors, SBN and part of Scottish International Week, Happy Message would like to welcome you to an inspirational breakfast seminar at AKVA Swedish Bar,
The seminar:
Stories have over the history captured mankind. Stories or messages if you prefer have always had the power to move, engage and inspire us to do the impossible. Stories are much more than fairytales and a secret tool for parents to use to put their children to bed. The power behind storytelling is far more and after this seminar you will know the science behind storytelling and the reason why you should use it to propel your business forward. You will also leave not only with a good breakfast giving you energy for the day, you will also know the 3 most important stories your company should tell in order to get the attention to capture your audience with your message mission and vision.
With experience from Scandinavia, Spain and the UK Johan who is Swedish has over 25 years of experiences from marketing and communication and is passionate about helping business grow expand and reach their potential success.
“We are coming from logic thinking and identiy seeking to make decision based on our emotions and what feels good” He is absolut sertain that’s why storytelling is a vital business strategy moving forward.
Linda has her background in creative arts. She is an actress, director script writer and producer. Together with her background and love for people she is Happy message story finder and writer. She knows every heartbeat holds a story worth to be told, and made it her mission to find it in every client she works with.
“I’m amazed how many untold inspiring and lifechanging stories are out there just waiting to be told” She strongly believe the combination strategy and storytelling are a key combination to any business success.”
Price £15 for a lovely breakfast buffet a l a Swedish Style, get your ticket here>>


Venue Website:

129 Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH3 9QG, United Kingdom




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