On 11 December the UK Prime Minister published on Facebook an open letter to EU citizens resident in the UK,  Here is a link to it:  Mrs May’s Open Letter

On 12 October, Members of the Society met with the Swedish Ambassador, Torbjorn Sohlstrom and Anna Brodin, Counsellor at the Embassy.  It was an instructive and enjoyable meeting.

The Committee is aware that a number of Members who would have wished to attend were unable to do so. We have therefore prepared our own notes of what was discussed.  The following link will take you to those notes:

Meeting with Ambassador

Here is a link to the section of the Swedish Embassy’s website dealing with issues to do with Brexit. It will be continually updated.  It now takes account of the agreement reached on 8 December 2017 regarding three priority areas, one of which is the future position of EU27 residents in the UK.

Members may wish to see the UK Government’s proposals for EU citizens living in the UK after Brexit. Their paper can be found at:
The European Commission’s negotiating framework on this subject can be downloaded from:

the3million is a not for profit group and support network which campaigns to safeguard and guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and British citizens in Europe after Brexit.